555 - A Bold, Full Bodied Tobacco

MENTHOL - A Cool, Refreshing Menthol

RY4 - A Sweet and Smooth Tobacco

TURKISH - A Smooth, Rich Tobacco

VIRGINIA - A Light and Mild Tobacco

BANANA BERRY BLAST - A Smooth, Creamy Strawberry Banana flavor

TOP BANANA - A Rich, Creamy Banana Flavor

BLOOD ORANGE - A Sweet and Tangy Blood Orange flavor

TUTTI FRUTTI - A Fruity Candy flavor Reminiscent of a Jawbreaker

IRISH MINTZ - A Mildly Minty Sweet Irish Cream flavor

AMARETTO - A Subtle blend of Almonds, Cherry, and A Touch of Vanilla

LEMON-BLUEBERRY COTTON CANDY - A Sweet, Tangy blend of Lemon and Blueberries

STRAWBERRY ICE - A Cool and Refreshing Strawberry Menthol

type: JUICES vendor: CITY VAPORS

$ 10.00

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